Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Bora Bora: Fifty Shades of Blue

Bora Bora -- check this out.

This has been the most visually striking place we've been in the south pacific.  I didn't know so many shades of blue existed!  We had an amazing three weeks here, cruising around to different white sand anchorages, sipping cocktails at the yacht club, and getting a visit from my girls CB and JZ!!  Here's the rundown in photos.

Just a few of the spectacular anchorages within the lagoon.

Girl time!  A huge thanks to my girlfriends Courtney and Jeanine for making the long journey out to the middle of the Pacific Ocean to keep me company in paradise. 

My favorite motu anchorage was just off a huge sandbar.  We let out the anchor chain and backed the boat up slowly... just enough so that we could hop off the back and stand in the waist-high water and drink a beer.  The sandbar is where the water gets lighter... you can see Conor standing on it, just before Lena jumped off the boat and swam out to him.

When not anchored out off the beaches and motus, we spent our time at the hip "Bora Bora Yacht Club."  We had a front row mooring ball - which made hopping ashore for steak frites and Bordeaux soooo easy.

And lastly, some of our best moments in Bora Bora were spent under the water.  We snorkeled with sharks and stingrays and eels and hoardes of fish.  And went scuba diving with giant manta rays (though no photos that deep!). 

Bora Bora was our final stop in the French Polynesia... and we definitely saved the best for last!

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  1. Oh man, Jess, those photos are so beautiful! That water is out of this world!